Our Purpose is Beautiful Skin for All!

Zohra Skincare is newest clean beauty launched in 2022 and has received press in Tatler, Vogue and Glamour for the newest best skincare products. 

Dr. Zohra, a physician and pharmacist's mission is to create novel skincare line with multifunctional formula aimed to target most skin concerns. She states, that "I am here to aim to counter traditional retail skincare made with costly ingredients with no known beauty benefits and other least costly products." She says, "a moisturizer that not only hydrates but also fights wrinkles. A serum that is absorbable and lasts longer than leading competitors" . Many of the current skincare products contain less active form of Vitamin C that breaks down easily with sun light. Zohra Skincare is kind to the skin, and creams are made with out propylene glycol, benzyl alcohol, fragrances that can irritate skin especially those with eczema. Our foundation stands with quality formulas.