Our Story



The Minimalist, Clean Beauty is the Next Step to Healthy Skin.


Award-winning physician and pharmacist Dr. Salehi is a frontline physician and pharmacist from Connecticut. Over the past three years, Dr. Salehi has researched and studied over twenty skincare products. She has learned that some beauty products contain unknown benefits or claims that are not backed by science. 


I decided to create my own skincare line when I could not find products that met my safety and performance standards. While the skincare market is robust with many options, many skin moisturizer does not exclude benzyls or propylene glycol, which are linked to irritation, itching, sensitivity. Propylene glycol is a skin penetrant, which allows other harmful ingredients in makeup and the environment to penetrate the skin causing more damage to the natural surface. Synthetic fragrances should not be part of a healthy skincare regimen, as it’s linked to irritation redness and impairs acne-prone skin.  The science backed formulas ensures efficacious results and promising benefits.  


My goal is to bring awareness and transparency to the skincare routine and ensure that high-quality products are effective, tested and affordable for everyone. 

Dr Zohra Salehi MD PharmD
Founder of Zohra Scientific Skincare