What are Ceramides?

Firstly, let's dive into the basics..

  • Which of the 5 skin layer plays a major role in keeping skin hydrated?

The skin layer responsible in the protection function is called the Stratum Corneum, this is the outer most layer of the skin. The cells of Stratum Corneum are made up of fatty acids, ceramides and cholesterol.

  • What is function of Stratum Corneum?

Stratum Corneum is a barrier and protects the outer layer of skin, against harmful environmental factor such as pollution and sun damage. The Stratum Corneum cells prevent skin water loss and maintain a well hydrated skin.

  • What are the symptoms of dry skin?

- Itchy

- Irritation

- Redness

- Rough texture

  • What is the role of Ceramide on the skin and why is it important to use it?

Ceramides are a form of fatty acids that maintain strength of the skins surface, helps retain moisture and keeps the barrier strong from damage due to outside influences (chemical, irritants, pollution, smoking, sunlight, bacteria, infections etc.)

Decreased level of ceramides on the skins surface allows more water to escape from the skin, leading to the disruption of the barrier, which make skin very vulnerable to damage from outside environmental factors. Dry skin can also lead to inflammation.

The Bottom Line..

Ceramides help keep skin moist, dewy, and supple. If you wish to avoid dry skin, ensure your skincare products contains Ceramides.