The Best Form of Vitamin C Serum

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Understanding Vitamin C in Your Skincare

Vitamin C is one of the most important ingredients in your skincare products. The potent antioxidant not only supports youthful collagen levels, it combats the free radical damage that ages skin and infinitely brightens your complexion.


However, not all Vitamin C is created equal…

Many products rely on Ascorbic Acid as their Vitamin C. Unfortunately, this water-based version is unstable, breaks down and changes color and is poorly absorbed by your skin. Even worse, its antioxidant effects last just 30 minutes.


 Ascorbic Acid [competitors]       vs.  Tetrahexyldecycl Ascorbate [Our Formula] 

Water-based                                      Oil-Based -absorbs into skin surface

Easily oxidizes with color change      Doesn't oxidize or change colors                 

Poor skin absorption                          Excellent skin absorption  

Shorter Antioxidant effects                Longer Antioxidant effects 


At Zohra Scientific Skincare, we never rely on Ascorbic Acid, but instead infuse our advanced formulas with Tetrahexyldecycl Ascorbate, an oil-based, stable Vitamin C that maintains its potency and absorbs deeply into your skin. And its antioxidant effects and free radical fighting power last as long as 40 hours.


Which Vitamin C do you want in your skincare products? Try the Zohra Glow & Protect Serum for youthful radiance made with best absorption, oil-based vitamin C for antiaging, photoprotection, antioxidant effects.

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