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Must Read About Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most important ingredients in your skincare products. It is important to understand the difference between different forms of Vitamin C to know how well it can work and help you achieve good results.  However, not all Vitamin C is created equal…

Let's take a look at these differences, shall we?

Many products rely on Ascorbic Acid as their Vitamin C. Unfortunately, this water-based version is unstable, breaks down and changes color and is poorly absorbed by your skin. At Zohra Scientific Skincare, we infuse our advanced formulas with Tetrahexyldecycl Ascorbate, an oil-based, stable Vitamin C that maintains its potency and absorbs deeply into your skin.  Switching to oil-based vitamin C will ensure you received longer lasting, and good skin penetration. Oil based vitamin C also is known to not have odor, change color as it oxidizes and limits skin-tingling or burning effects that may occur with ascorbic acid.  


 Ascorbic Acid [competitors]       vs.  Tetrahexyldecycl Ascorbate [Our Formula] 

Water-based                                      Oil-Based -absorbs into skin surface

Easily oxidizes with color change      Doesn't oxidize or change colors                 

Poor skin absorption                          Excellent skin absorption  

Shorter Antioxidant effects                Longer Antioxidant effects 


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